Information about the library

The BICC library is a public reference library. It was established upon the foundation of BICC in 1994.

In line with BICC’s programs, the library stocks books, grey literature and journals on disarmament and conversion in the widest sense: Peace and development/ arms/ small arms control/ natural resources and conflict/ migration and security/ base conversion.

BICC’s library is member of the German Information Network International Relations and Area Studies (FIV-IBLK), a cooperation of academic libraries and documentation centers of twelve leading independent German research institutes working in the fields of foreign and security policy, and development policy.

This Information Network is the operating agency of IREON - The International Relations and Area Studies Gateway and makes specialist information available to researchers and political practitioners as well as the interested public. FIV-IBLK provides specialist information for research, education and policy-making, thus fulfilling the role of a national information resource as outlined in the 1974 Information Program of the German Federal Government, now under the auspices of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). As an infrastructure measure, this Network receives financial support by the German Federal Chancellery.

Since 1974, FIV-IBLK has been producing the database World Affairs Online, one of the largest social science literature databases in Europe. The database focuses on global and regional developments, foreign and security policy and social trends. The FIV-IBLK coordinating body is the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP), Berlin.