Literature research and catalogue

BICC’s literature collection is recorded in the data base WAO – World Affairs Online and can be found in the BICC-OPAC and the IREON - The International Relations and Area Studies Gateway of the German Information Network International Relations and Area Studies (FIV).

The gateway offers bibliographic references, full-text documents and web sites on 

  • foreign and security policy,
  • international cooperation and development policy,
  • European politics and transatlantic relations,
  • regional and country studies worldwide,
  • foreign cultural policy,
  • climate, environment, energy.

With this link, you will gain access to the BICC-OPAC with the help of which you can look for books, yearbooks, grey literature and journals in BICC’s library:

Online-search mask

As literature research is possible online, you can obtain an overview of which literature is available in BICC’s library before you come and visit us. It is advisable to do such an online search to make your visit worth your while.

There is one workstation in the BICC library which can be used for literary research.

Copies from books and journals can be made at a small fee of € 0.05 per page.