Dr. Corinna Hauswedell

Function: Associate Researcher
Phone: +49 228 659301; mobile (0)171 8328671
E-Mail: corinna(at)

Key expertise

Post-conflict peacebuilding, comparative conflict history and analysis (Cold War history, Northern Ireland conflict, Middle East), European security policy, 20th century peace movements.

(Academic) education / CV:

Corinna Hauswedell is a Historian. She completed her PhD in 1997 at Hamburg University; the title of her dissertation was “Friedenswissenschaften im Kalten Krieg” (Peace Studies in the Cold War).

Since 1987: Chair of Informationsstelle Wissenschaft und Frieden, Bonn. 

Since 1990: Co-editor of the quarterly journal Wissenschaft & Frieden. 


1992–1994: University College Galway; Ireland;

1999–2002: Mannheim University;

2002–2004: Cologne University, Hamburg University. 

Research and publishing:

1994–1997: Head of PR at BICC

1997–1999: Project management “ConverART” at BICC. 

1999–2003 Project leader at BICC of a study International and Domestic Aspects of Governance in Post-Conflict Societies-A Case Study of the Northern Ireland Peace Process and the Role of Demilitarisation.

2000–2006, and 2011–2012: Co-editor of Friedensgutachten  (Peace Report) on behalf of BICC. 

2006–2009: Study Director for International Politics, Conflicts and History at Evangelische Akademie Loccum. 

Since 2010: Director of Conflict Analysis and Dialogue (CoAD), Bonn 

Since 2014: Senior Researcher at Forschungsstätte der Evang. Studiengemeinschaft/Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (FEST), Heidelberg; co-editor of Friedensgutachten 2016 (Peace Report 2016).

Recent Publications:

List of publications (pdf)