Jerry Sommer

Function: Associate Researcher
Phone: +49 (0)179 5097552
E-Mail: jerry-sommer(at)

Key expertise

His expertise encompasses: nuclear armament and disarmament; US- military strategy and policy; ballistic missile defense; Iran’s and North Korean nuclear files; conventional armament and arms control in Europe; Greek armament and military strategy; Cyprus conflict.

(Academic) education / CV:

State Board examination in History and Political Sciences (first exam for becoming a High School teacher)

After studying History, Political and Educational Sciences at the University of Hamburg, he worked as freelance journalist for a variety of German media (newspapers, radio, television) especially on European affairs and armament/ disarmament issues. He lived in London from 1987 to 1991 and in Brussels from 1999 to 2002. Today, he is based in Düsseldorf/Germany. Jerry Sommer began working for BICC in 2005 and has been BICC Associate Researcher since 2007.

Recent Publications:

List of publications (pdf)