Lars Wirkus

Function: Head of Data & Geomatics
Phone: +49 228 911 96-63
E-Mail: wirkus(at)

Key expertise

His current work focuses on developing and implementing interactive relational databases and geographic information system- [(Web-)GIS] based applications as well as on remote sensing and earth observation in the context of applied conflict and security research. In the past, Lars worked in projects related to natural resources and conflicts, environmental security, climate change, institutional aspects of water resources management and micro-level analysis of water resources-related conflicts as well as in projects related to earth observation-based monitoring of environment and security. Moreover Lars Wirkus is key expert on the topic of base conversion at BICC.

(Academic) education / CV:

Lars Wirkus studied Geography, Biology, Limnology and Soil Sciences at the University of Bonn (Germany) and graduated with a Diplom (Graduate Geographer, equivalent to MA) in 2000. 

Whilst finishing his university degree, Lars Wirkus worked as a freelancer on environmental monitoring projects in Germany where he mainly carried out environmental impact assessments before he joined BICC in 2000. Having worked as Researcher and Project Leader on base conversion for two years, he became Senior Researcher at BICC in 2002. Between 2002 and 2010, Lars Wirkus researched extensively on institutional aspects of water resources management, the micro level analysis of water resources-related conflicts on the one hand, and remote sensing-related projects in the context of global monitoring for environment and security on the other. From 2007 to early 2011, he worked on a part-time basis with BICC and with the United Nations University–Institute for Environment and Human Security where, as a Research Associate, he coordinated two EU-funded research projects (MICROCON—Micro Level Analysis of Violent Conflicts; CLICO—Climate Change, Hydro-Conflicts and Human Security) that dealt with natural resources, human security and climate change. Back on a full-time position at BICC in early 2011, he took over the lead of BICC’s data and GIS section, which he had been developing since 2009. He contributed interactive mapping components to BICC’s arms export country database ( and the Global Militarization Index (GMI) ( More recently, Lars Wirkus has been responsible for the development and implementation of on interactive, web-based, modular structured information portal on war and peace for the use in the German Federal Agency for Civic Education’s (bpb) online services (


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