PD Dr. Elke Grawert

Function: Senior Researcher
Phone: +49 228 911 96-20
E-Mail: elke.grawert(at)

Key expertise

Causes, dimensions, actors and dynamics of violent conflicts; repercussions of external interventions in conflict societies; political economy of the military and non-state armed groups; political and economic transformation processes; dynamics of securing livelihoods.

(Academic) education / CV:

PhD 1995; Habilitation 2006 

Elke studied Political Science at the Universities of Münster and Hamburg and did her PhD in Economics and Social Science and her state doctorate (Habilitation) in Political Science at the University of Bremen. She taught at the University of Applied Sciences, Bremen, in Applied Business Languages (Arabic) and International Management; at the University of Bremen in Development Policy with Focus on Non-governmental Organisations and since 2006 Sociology and Political Science as a Senior Researcher the Institute for Intercultural and International Studies (INIIS). Since 2011 she has been teaching at the Institute for Sociology and Political Science at the University of Bonn. Elke started her academic career with studies on peasant livelihoods and the socio-economic impact of large-scale agribusiness on the local society in Africa. She further engaged herself in research on rural outmigration and repercussions on the people staying behind, on political and economic transformation in Africa after the end of the Cold War, on peace processes in regions with long-term civil war and politics of interventions. More recently, her research has dealt with social orders forming around large-scale extractive industry in the context of violent conflict and the political economy of the military and other armed groups in northern Africa and the Middle East. Currently, her main research fields are forced migration and conflict-sensitive employment strategies in fragile and conflict-affected settings.

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