Maurice Döring

Function: PhD-Researcher
Phone: +49 228 911 96-45
E-Mail: maurice.doering(at)

Key expertise

Conflict-sensitive electricity planning, social movements, German development co-operation, constitutional power-sharing.

(Academic) education / CV:

MA in Political Science (minors: International Law and Philosophy) 2012

Maurice studied at the University of Bonn. During his studies, he gained considerable experience in development co-operation. In 2009, he interned at GIZ in Yemen, working on Food Security and Conflict Sensitive Project Approaches. From 2009 to 2011, he was closely affiliated with the project “Ballistic Missile Defense Research” and the “Academic Peace Orchestra Middle East” at the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF). In 2012, he worked as a freelancer for GFA Consulting group and GIZ in Egypt.

As a PhD-researcher at BICC, he focuses on empirical field research in Tunisia conducted in the Project “MENA SELECT – MENA Sustainable ELECtricity Trajectories”.

Recent Publications: