Dr. Heidrun Bohnet

Function: Senior Researcher
Phone: +49 228 911 96-70
E-Mail: heidrun.bohnet(at)

Key expertise

Forced migration (refugees and IDPs), conflict research, international relations, quantitative and qualitative research methods.

(Academic) education / CV:

PhD 2015 in Political Science, University of Geneva

Heidrun holds an MA in Political Science and Management from the University of Konstanz, as well as a Master degree in Spanish, History and English from the University of Hamburg, Germany, with longer stays at the UNAM in Mexico City and Science Po Paris. She wrote her Master thesis on labour migration in the European Union. Heidrun has since deepened her research extensively on forced migration and conflict. In her PhD thesis, she investigated the relationship between the location of refugees and the occurrence of refugee-related violence. Heidrun has previously worked in several international research projects in which she has led and been involved in various data collection projects on the location of refugees, refugee-related security events, ethnicity of refugees and the geo-coding of conflict-induced IDPs.  

She has also worked with UNHCR Addis Ababa and IOM in New York. Heidrun has as well been a post-doctoral visiting scholar at the Institute for the Study of International Migration (ISIM) at Georgetown University in Washington D.C.. Currently, she analyzes protracted refugee and IDP situations within the framework of a BMZ funded research project. The focus is on the return and local (re)-integration of refugees and internally displaced persons, as well as their role in peace processes. Heidrun has conducted field research in South Sudan, Ethiopia, Jordan, Turkey and Uganda.

Important Publications:

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