Dr. Michael Ashkenazi

Function: Associate Researcher
Phone: +34-962-805803
E-Mail: mikeandjeanne65(at)

Key expertise

His expertise encompasses DD&R, SSR, SALW. Qualitative methodology and fieldwork. Design and implementation of training projects. Simulation exercise design and execution.

(Academic) education / CV:

BA Sociology and Anthropology; MA Sociology; MPhil. And PhD Anthropology.

1983 to 2000 Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Anthropology (Ben Gurion University, Hebrew University; Gyosei College). 1990 to 1994 consultant and visiting scholar (SETI Project, NASA-Ames). 1988 to1990 Visiting Professor (Departments of Anthropology and of Business Management, University of Calgary). 1994 to 1996 Research Scholar (Japan Centre, University of Birmingham); 2000 to 2002 Deputy Academic Dean (Regents College London); 2001 to 2004 Private Business. 

Since 2004 working at BICC. Fieldwork in Japan, China, Korea, Canada, South Sudan, Israel, Uganda, Timor Leste, Nepal, Guinea Bissau). SALW, Stockpile Management, and ToT trainer in Japan, Colombia, Ghana, Germany, Nepal, South Sudan. 

Research on ritual, religion and festivals, Japanese and Korean business culture, Japanese and world food cultures, small arms, stockpiles, reintegration of ex-combatants, security providers, migration and absorption. Author of scholarly and popular-academic books. Articles for scholarly journals. 1984 to 1994 Karate and iaido instructor.

Recent Publications:

List of publications (pdf)