Dr. Simone Christ

Function: Senior Researcher
Phone: +49 228 91196-59
E-Mail: simone.christ(at)

Key expertise

Cultural anthropology with a focus on migration (labour migration, forced migration), ethnographic fieldwork in Germany, the United Arab Emirates and the Philippines.

(Academic) education / CV:

PhD 2015

In 2008, Simone graduated with a Master in Sociology, Cultural Anthropology and Political Science from the University of Trier. For her PhD at the University of Bonn, she studied social and cultural influences of state-sponsored labour migration in the Philippines.

Since 2008, she has been as a lecturer at the Department of Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Bonn, teaching at BA and MA level. Her courses were all related to Southeast Asia and comprised, inter alia: an introduction to anthropology, introduction to sociology, migration studies, minorities, ethnicity and nation-building, politics and religion, family and gender, modernity and post-modernity, development theories, globalization and development, qualitative research methods, introduction to Philippine culture and society. Simone also organized a field trip for her students to the Philippines and supervised BA and MA theses.

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