Dr. Benjamin Etzold

Function: Researcher
Phone: +49 228 91196-24
E-Mail: benjamin.etzold(at)

Key expertise

Refugee and migration studies, social geography, livelihoods of vulnerable populations, labour relations, food security.

(Academic) education / CV:

PhD in Geography 2012

Benjamin studied Geography, Sociology, Political Science and Development Studies at the Universities of Stuttgart, Adelaide and Bonn. He worked in the Geography Department of the University of Bonn from 2007 till 2016, where he also obtained his PhD in 2012 with his research on the livelihoods of street vendors and political contestations in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Since then, he has led a case study on rainfall variability, food security and human mobility in Bangladesh in the research project “Where the Rain falls” by the UN University and CARE. Together with his students, he conducted research on the integration, place-making and transnational lives of refugees in Bonn, on refugee’s access to work and on the available social services in a disadvantaged neighborhood. Whilst he has been interested in migration patterns in the European border space for many years, he recently shifted his focus to the labour conditions of clandestine migrants at “gateway cities” to Europe. How migrants’ and refugees’ personal trajectories and their legal status intersect with their access to local labour markets will be one of his key interests in the next years.

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