Maurice Döring

Function: Researcher
Phone: +49 228 911 96-45
E-Mail: maurice.doering(at)

Key expertise

Radicalisation, Extremism, Prevention, social movements, conflict-sensitive energy planning

(Academic) education / CV:

MA in Political Science (minors: International Law and Philosophy) 2012

Maurice studied at the University of Bonn. He started working at BICC in early 2015 on sustainable and conflict-sensitive electricity planning in North Africa and the Middle East. Since 2019, he has shifted his focus on extremisms, radicalisation and prevention. His key research areas involve extremist ideologies such as Islamism, right-wing extremism, radicalisation, prevention and social movements. During his studies and work, he gained field experience in Yemen, Egypt, and Tunisia. He is currently coordination of the research network Connecting Research on Extremism in North Rhine-Westphalia (CoRE-NRW;

Recent Publications: