Tuesday, 06 October 2015

Commentary: The case of Kunduz

In their commentary "The case of Kunduz: A plea for critical analysis rather than military activism", Katja Mielke and Conrad Schetter, researchers at BICC, call for a critical analysis of the Bundeswehr deployment to Afghanistan. “The question isn’t whether or not more soldiers ought to be deployed to Afghanistan, but rather what has been neglected during their deployment.” » more

Thursday, 08 October 2015

High-level panel discussion on the threat of SALW in New York

On 01 October 2015, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier hosted a high-level panel discussion on the threat of Small Arms and Light Weapons proliferation on the margins of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City. » more

Monday, 05 October 2015

International Conference “Networks of Organised Violence”

BICC cordially invites to the one-day international academic conference “Networks of Organised Violence” in Bonn. The aim of this conference is to view current dynamics of networks of organised violence from different academic angles and to discuss various methodological approaches. » more

Commentary \ “Military barracks for profit? A critical reflection on conversion in Italy”

Dr. Andrea Licata, political scientist from Italy and Associate Researcher of BICC, comments on the Italian politics of base conversion. » more

SALW control and DDR Public Information workshop in Khartoum

On 14 of September 2015, BICC held a one-day workshop on Public Information (PI) about small arms (SALW) control and disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) in Darfur. » more

New Publications

Isikozlu, E. & Heinke, S. (2015). Facing Organised Violence. Research Agendas and Conversion Potentials. (Knowledge Note 2) Bonn: BICC.

Korf , B. & Schetter, C. (2015). Geographien der Gewalt. Kriege, Konflikte und die Ordnung des Raumes im 21. Jahrhundert. (Studienbücher der Geographie) Stuttgart: Borntraeger.




International Conference "Networks of Organised Violence", 28 October at Universitätsclub, Bonn.




"Taliban-Offensive: Herbe Niederlage für das Selbstverständnis Deutschlands" Interview with Conrad Schetter (in German), in Sputnik Deutschland, 2 October 2015

"Kundus nach der Bundeswehr" Interview with Conrad Schetter (in German), in WDR Aktuelle Stunde, 30 September 2015

"Aktuelle Lage in Kundus - Gespräch mit Afghanistanexperte Conrad Schetter zur Eroberung von Kundus durch die Taliban" Interview with Conrad Schetter (in German), in Bayern2, 30 September 2015

"Taliban erobern Kundus - Afghanistan am Rande des Bürgerkriegs?" Interview with Conrad Schetter (in German), in Detektor.fm, 29 September 2015

"Blickpunkt Afghanistan" Interview with Conrad Schetter (in German), in NDR Info, 29 September 2015


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