Friday, 25 January 2013

30 years later…

Peace research, peace movement and politics in perfect harmony? On 25 January 2013, BICC and Wissenschaft und Frieden are hosts to a panel discussion on the occasion of the 30th year of existence of the journal.

1983 was not only the climax of the peace movement against the stationing of new nuclear medium-range missiles in Europe but also the starting point of new public discourses about peacekeeping strategies. 

Was the awakened civil society able to sustainably challenge the established foreign- and security policy? Which role did peace research play with regard to the paradigm change in security policy since the end of the Cold War? Could there be a ‘reconciliation’ between pacifism and Realpolitik?

The journal Wissenschaft und Frieden, founded in 1983 first as ‘information service’, offered a critical platform for such questions, a network of ‘counter expertise’, which still holds today. We draw a balance with representatives from peace research, the peace movement and politics. 


Invitation (in German)