Monday, 12 December 2016

Arms Exports Report 2016

On 12 December 2016, the Joint Conference Church and Development (GKKE) presented its Arms Exports Report 2016 in Berlin.

Simone Wisotzki, Karl Jüsten and Martin Dutzmann (l. t. r.) at the press conference in Berlin. Photo: Marius Bales (BICC)

The GKKE Report also criticizes a doubling of arms exports licenses in 2015, which did not decrease in the first half of 2016. The report considers particularly problematic the continuing high share of exports to third countries, such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia, of 59 per cent. Both countries, for instance, are actively involved in the armed conflict in Yemen—a conflict in which international humanitarian law violations are common place.

BICC-researcher Dr Max Mutschler, Chair of the expert group on arms exports of the GKKE, scrutinizes the efforts by the German Federal government to advance the Europeanization of arms purchases. Mergers in the arms sector, such as by Krauss-Maffei-Wegmann (KMW) and the French Nexter in July 2015, must not lead to the fact that German arms exports standards are not kept or are bypassed. Germany, for example, delivers parts of weapons, such as artillery fuses and parts for combat aircraft to French and British companies to be integrated into weapons systems and ammunition that are then exported further to Saudi Arabia. The GKKE considers this a clear violation of the German and European arms exports criteria and repeats its call to stop all arms exports to Saudi Arabia—including the supply of components.

Press release BICC, 12 December 2016 (in German)

Press release GKKE, 12 December 2016 (in German)

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