Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Artisanal gold from Peru and the DR Congo: Conflict-free only with a certificate?

On Tuesday, 20 November 2012, 18:00 hrs, BICC (Bonn International Center for Conversion) and SÜDWIND Institut e.V. are holding an expert talk on “Artisanal Gold from Peru and the DR Congo: Conflict-free only with a certificate?” (in German) at BICC’s premises.

Photo: BICC/M. Müller

What is the state of transparency in the production chain of gold before it is molten into gold bars? Under which conditions does gold mining take place? In many developing countries, small-scale and artisanal miners have a great share in gold mining. Approximately 12 percent of gold production worldwide comes from so-called informal mining. In some states, hundreds of thousands of artisanal miners dig for this precious metal—mostly in poor working conditions. In conflict countries, mining areas are sometimes under the control of armed groups, or former combatants are amongst the miners.

In the framework of a joint research project on “Small-scale and artisanal miners of natural resources in developing countries: Can certification improve their living conditions?”, experts from BICC and SÜDWIND traveled to Peru and the DR Congo. There, they investigated in situ, which measures can help the miners to secure their living and, at the same time, to improve social and ecological standards. The outcomes of this research are now available as No linkhandler TypoScript configuration found for key tx_bicctools_publications.. in German, French and Spanish.

Invitation „Gold von Kleinschürfern aus Peru und DR Kongo - Konfliktfrei nur mit Zertifikat? “ (in German) (pdf)