Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Claiming land, reclaiming identity - land tenure insecurity and reform in situations of protracted displacement

Lecture by Mathijs van Leeuwen and Lotje de Vries on 30 March 2017 at BICC in BICC's Brown Bag Lecture Series "Displacement and Development".

Mathijs van Leeuwen and Lotje de Vries will talk about land disputes and tenure insecurity of locals, displaced people, and returning refugees in conflict-affected settings. They explore the particularities of claim making to land, as well as efforts by government and international organizations to deal with these issues. Their presentation will reflect on how both, local claims and interventions resonate with ongoing contestations about identity, citizenship, and state authority. The presentations build on experiences from the research programs 'Grounding Land Governance' (2011-2016) and 'Looking through the Lens of Land' (2014-16), which explored the dynamics of land governance reform in Burundi, Uganda, South Sudan and eastern DR Congo.  

Invitation (pdf)