Monday, 06 June 2016

Friedensgutachten 2016 launched

On 7 June the Friedensgutachten (Peace Report), funded by the German Foundation for Peace Research (DSF) and published by the five major German peace research institutes, was presented in Berlin.

Editors of the Peace Report in Berlin. All photos: Gabriele Neußer/IFSH

60 million people worldwide are displaced. More than one million have found refuge in the European Union. The main topic of this year’s Peace Report “Focus on the causes of displacement. Assume responsibility!” is the largest refugee movement since the end of the Second World War: its meaning for humanitarian issues, its political consequences for the European Union and the testing times for politics and society alike.

The editors of the Peace Report 2016 call for German politicians to assume responsibility in the fight against the causes of displacement and in creating politics based on solidarity.

Press release "Fluchtursachen bekämpfen – Flüchtlingspolitik solidarisch gestalten" (pdf, in German)

"Stellungnahme der Herausgeber und Herausgeberinnen: Aktuelle Entwicklungen und Empfehlungen" (pdf, in German)


Jochen Hippler (INEF), Corinna Hauswedell (FEST), Max M. Mutschler (BICC), Bruno Schoch (HSFK), Margret Johannsen (IFSH)

Max M. Mutschler (BICC)

Bruno Schoch (HSFK), Margret Johannsen (IFSH)