Wednesday, 13 May 2015

“From Politics to Implementation”

The Bonn Conference for Global Transformation 2015, entitled ‘From Politics to Implementation’ (12–13 May 2015) supports the process behind the United Nations’ post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals, bridging the gap between theory and practice, policy-making and implementation. BICC participates in the conference with the workshop “How do war-torn societies transform? Narratives from the ground” on 13 May.

The Bonn Conference for Global Transformation is the new international conference series for sustainable action. Experienced experts working around the world in the fields of policy-making, business, research and academia, and civil society will come together in Bonn to develop ideas for shaping a sustainable future and to take away suggestions and inspiration for their own work. The first conference will be held from 12 to 13 May under the banner ‘From Politics to Implementation’. Subsequent Bonn Conferences will take place every two years. The conference is organized by the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia and GIZ.

BICC’s workshop addresses processes of transformation in these (post)conflict countries’ societies: What does “transformation” mean in this context? Which criteria must be used for this? Who are the main actors? Narratives from the ground are intended to help understand life in conflict countries so that realistic approaches to co-operation can be found and mutual learning processes be initiated.

Countries such as Afghanistan, the DR Congo and South Sudan are striking examples for war-torn countries. Long lasting violent conflicts have had deep impacts on these societies—be it on everyday life, social security, human rights, political participation, or on economic infrastructure.


·         Masood Karokhail, Director and Co-founder of The Liaison Office (TLO), Afghanistan 

·         Isabella Bauer, consultant Aktionsgemeinschaft Dienst für den Frieden e.V, Germany

·         Luuk van de Vondervoort, Technical Advisor BICC in South Sudan, The Netherlands

Moderator: Elke Grawert, Researcher BICC, Germany

Workshop: "How do war-torn societies transform? Narratives from the ground"

Full programme

Luuk van de Vondervoort, Isabella Bauer, Elke Grawert, Masood Karokhail (f.l.t.r.)

Masood Karokhail, during the workshop

Luuk van de Vondervoort, during the workshop

Conrad Schetter, participating at the workshop

Active participation at BICC's workshop