Wednesday, 28 October 2015

International Conference “Networks of Organised Violence”

On 28 October, BICC conducted the one-day international academic conference “Networks of Organised Violence” in Bonn. The aim of this conference was to view current dynamics of networks of organised violence from different academic angles and to discuss various methodological approaches.

The panel “New Forms of Multidimensional Warfare" explored how non-state armed groups pose a challenge to the legal and practical monopoly over the legitimate use of force within a given territory. The purpose of the panel was to explain the agency of non-state armed groups, to sketch the type of public or security orders established by non-state armed groups, and to identify potential entry points for security sector transformation.


The panelists Margit Busmann, Teresa Koloma Beck, Sami Faltas (moderator) and Andreas Heinemann-Grüder (f. l. t. r.)

The panel “Networks of Military Technology" examined the crucial role that military technology has always played in defining the face of warfare, from the invention of the stirrup to the development of armed drones. It questioned the relationship between the technologies and the evolution of military doctrine, and particularly the political implications of military technologies for peace and security.

Jocelyn Mawdsley (moderator) and Niklas Schörnig

The panel “Blurring of the Frontline: Shifting Alliances and Actors” addressed the dynamic interactions of actors. Particularly in wartimes the differentiation between ‘we’ and the ‘other’ gains high significance for the provision of legitimacy and the mobilisation of combatants. This panel considered several case studies as a basis for discussing how to do research on such networks.

The panelists Carina Schlüsing, Max Gallop, Simon Yazgi (moderator) and Conrad Schetter (f. l. t. r.)

The concluding session focussed more broadly on the topic of “Networks of Organised Violence: A Challenge to Generating Sustainable Peace”.

The panelists Teresa Koloma Beck, Jocelyn Mawdsley, Owen Greene (moderator) and Conrad Schetter (f. l. t. r.)


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