Friday, 27 January 2017

Panel discussion \ Peace negotiations with Jihadists?

The Journal Wissenschaft und Frieden (W&F) and BICC invited to the panel discussion “Peace negotiations—with so-called Islamic State and other Jihadists?” (in German language) on Friday, 27 January 2017.

Thomas Carl Schwoerer, Katja Mielke and Jochen Hippler (f.l.t.r.) All Photos: BICC \ M. Meßling

The current conflict in Syria makes one wonder what the conditions for a successful peace process ought to look like. One central question is who is likely to participate in the negotiations: Ought certain actors be discredited and excluded or should all, regardless of their political or religious belief, participate in it.

Central to this discussion is the question of whether groupings such as so-called Islamic State and other radical Islamist groups are suitable partners in this process.

The panellists were:

Thomas Carl Schwoerer, Author of the book „Mit dem IS verhandeln? Neue Lösungen für Syrien und den Terrorismus“ (“Negotiate with IS? New solutions for Syria and terrorism”)

PD Dr Jochen Hippler, Peace Researcher at the University of  Duisburg/Essen

Moderator: Dr Katja Mielke, BICC.

Article about the event: "Pazifismus als kleineres Übel?" (in German)

Invitation (in German)


Thomas Carl Schwoerer (l.) and Jochen Hippler (r.) discussed chances and risks of peace negotiations with so-called Islamic State.


Katja Mielke moderated the panel discussion. Karin Leukefeld, journalist, (standing) giving an input.