Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Small arms control—A contribution to sustainable development?

A discussion between Max Mutschler (researcher at BICC) and Kora Gouré Bi (project leader, GIZ Côte d’Ivoire) will take place in the framework of the GIZ series “Research meets Practice: Sustainable development in international co-operation” on 24 March at the GIZ in Bonn (in German).

Kora Gouré Bi, Dorothee Overberg (moderator) and Max Mutschler (l.t.r.)

The illegal proliferation of small arms and light weapons, particularly in fragile countries, whose uncontrolled proliferation and misuse contribute to violent escalation, prolongation of, and increase in conflicts and violent crime is a challenge to security and lessens the chance of sustainable development.

The next discussion in the series “Research meets Practice” will therefore deal with the following questions: What are the links between small arms control and sustainable development? Which measures of international co-operation are effective? Which recommendations from research can practitioners take along and which topics could be researched in more depth from the practitioners’ point of view?

The discussion between Dr Max Mutschler (researcher, BICC) and Kora Gouré Bi (project leader, GIZ, Côte d’Ivoire) will take place on 24 March 2015 as of 16:00 hrs. After the discussion, the audience will have the opportunity of an informal exchange with drinks and snacks.

Venue: GIZ, Godesberger Allee 119, 53175 Bonn

Contact and registration (by 16 March): Barbara Lehmann forschungtrifftpraxis(at)

„Kleinwaffenkontrolle – ein Beitrag zu nachhaltiger Entwicklung?“ (Flyer, pdf, in German)

„Kleinwaffenkontrolle – ein Beitrag zu nachhaltiger Entwicklung?“ (Invitation, pdf, in German)