Thursday, 21 September 2017

Talk \ Aleppo and Mosul—Can mass crimes be prevented when the cooperative world order is crumbling?

Talk and discussion (in German) about the Peace Report 2017 on 21 September 2017 at BICC in Bonn (in the framework of the Bonn Peace Days).


Syria is representing the failure of the international community to stop war crimes and mass atrocities. The Peace Report 2017 is asking which strategies and tools are useful for preventing excessive violence and for fostering solidarity and behaviour that is conducive to peace.

Talk by Dr Andreas Heinemann-Grüder, Editor of the Peace Report, BICC

Moderator: Susanne Heinke, BICC

Time: 18:00–19:30 hrs

Venue: BICC, Pfarrer-Byns-Str. 1, 53121 Bonn

Registration: pr(at)

Programme „Bonner Friedenstage, 01.09.– 30.09.2017“ (in German)

Invitation (pdf, in German)