Friday, 05 June 2015

Commentary: "The summit of global (ir)responsibility: A plea for sustainability rather than military armament"

Conrad Schetter, Director for Research at BICC, maintains that the German government has a duty to implement its plea for a new responsibility at the upcoming G7 summit.

Conrad Schetter

"The G7 are well advised to discuss a way to a more peaceful and just world rather than about increased military armament, deterrence, threat potentials and surveillance.”

The G7 summit in Elmau has placed current global security and economic issues at the forefront of its discussions. However, if the G7 countries are truly interested in shaping the world of tomorrow, they must be more farsighted. Sustainable development cannot be achieved with the G7 countries’ continuously high expenditures on defense, and comparatively low expenditures on development. For example, in 2014, the combined military budgets of G7 countries amounted to 850 billion USD, while only 95 billion dollars were spent on development cooperation. My plea is for the G7 to end the primacy of the military, and to redirect finances from the coffers of the military to initiatives that promote sustainable resources. This is the sure path to a more peaceful and just world.

Presently the full article is only available in German.   

Commentary "Der Gipfel globaler Verantwortung(slosigkeit): Ein Plädoyer für Nachhaltigkeit anstelle militärischer Aufrüstung" (pdf, in German)