Thursday, 15 March 2018

Documentary on regional approaches to stockpile security \ Keep The Safety on

BICC’s documentary about physical security and stockpile management (PSSM) in East and West Africa is now available in English, French, Arabic, and German on BICC’s YouTube channel.

States are unable to counter the threat of weapons and ammunition proliferation alone. Recognizing the value of a regional cooperation approach, BICC, RECSA and MSAG have been training a core group of instructors specialized in simple but effective ways of controlling and managing arms in limited resource environments.


After a three-year training period, the first batch of physical security and stockpile management Senior Instructors are now sharing their expertise on weapons and ammunition management within their own countries as well as training armed forces in conflict and armed violence-affected regions across the continent. This is their story:


Keep the Safety on (English)

La sécurité avant tout (French Sub)

 الحفاظ على السلامة  (Arab Sub)

Lass die Waffe gesichert (German Sub)