Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Extension of the military mandate of the Bundeswehr in Iraq? \ BICC recommends scaling down military involvement

On 31 October, the military mandate of Bundeswehr in Iraq comes to an end, and the German Parliament will have to decide whether to extend it or not.

Photo: C. Schlüsing\BICC

If the federal government wants to strategically influence conflict situations in the long term, it will have to scale down its military involvement and build up its diplomatic and civilian activities.

Based on field research in northern Iraq, Carina Schlüsing and Katja Mielke, authors of the BICC Policy Paper “German involvement in Iraq: How less can be more” (in German) advise a re-think of the operations of the Bundeswehr. Instead, the current political circumstances in Iraq and the goal to fight the cause of conflict should be the starting points.

The authors in particular recommend to scale down military involvement. They also call for a conflict-sensitive approach, which reflects structural conflict layers and local conditions as requirements for conflict resolution.

Press release „Verlängerung des Irak-Mandats der Bundeswehr? \ Friedens- und Konfliktforschungsinstitut BICC empfiehlt Abbau des militärischen Engagements“ (in German)