Monday, 03 December 2012

German arms exports: “Strengthening instead of interference”

Marc von Boemcken and Jan Grebe, experts on the German arms industry and -exports at BICC (Bonn International Center for Conversion) comment on current questions regarding German arms export policy.

German Minister of Defense de Maizière coined the phrase “Strengthening instead of interference” in a Spiegel interview of 28 November 2012. He also spoke of a broadening of markets and sales opportunities for weapons systems and –technology. He literally said, “It is rather the German industry and not firstly the German government that has to decide whether they consider it to be appropriate.” Is this a sign for a paradigm change with regard to German arms exports policy? Are criteria for arms exports decisions being eroded? 

BICC-experts Marc von Boemcken and Jan Grebe comment on the question whether furnishing third countries with arms, even if such countries are situated in regions of tension or crisis is becoming a tool of German foreign- and security policy. 

Deutsche Rüstungsexporte - „Ertüchtigung statt Einmischung“ (Interview in German, pdf)