Tuesday, 23 May 2023

'Give Peace a Chance'—BICC-podcast goes live!

Armament and militarisation, forced displacement and migration, extremism and radicalisation—in the new BICC podcast, hosts Fiona Wilshusen and Marius Bales get to the bottom of complex issues in the fields of foreign and security policy and Peace and Conflict Studies. They seek exchange with experts from research, politics and practice outside the academic ivory tower. The first episode of 'Give Peace a Chance: Peace and Conflict Studies in brief', published today, focuses on the current political and economic situation in Afghanistan.

In each episode of the monthly podcast, the hosts discuss a key topic with a guest and an expert from BICC. Fiona Wilshusen and Marius Bales will bring forgotten conflicts back on the agenda and engage in lively discussions on a wide range of topics. In addition, running features provide listeners with the latest news at their fingertips: The 'Conflict Compact' provides the necessary information on global and regional conflicts. In the 'Peace News of the Month', the hosts show that despite all the crises and conflicts in the world, there are also positive and encouraging developments.

Guests in the first episode are Conrad Schetter, Director of BICC and one of the experts on the German Bundestag's inquiry committee into the Afghanistan mission, and Shikiba Babori. The Kabul-born ethnologist and journalist attracted a great deal of attention last year with her book Die Afghaninnen: Spielball der Politik (Afghan Women: Plaything of Politics) last year. In the first hour-long episode of the podcast, the two discuss, among other things, how the Taliban were able to seize power in the country in 2021 within just a few weeks—despite 20 years of NATO involvement, what this means for women in the country, what future cooperation with the Taliban might look like, and what Germany could do now—especially in the context of its feminist foreign policy.

You find the first episode of the podcast 'Give Peace a Chance: Peace and Conflict Studies in brief' here:

Press release “Give Peace a Chance” – Der BICC-Podcast geht an den Start!" (pdf, in German)