Friday, 31 July 2015

Human rights activist sentenced to two years of prison in Chad

Djeralar Miankeol, a human rights activist and director of the civil society organisation “Association Ngaoubourandi” has been sentenced to two years of prison and a fine on charges of contempt of court on 7 July 2015. The AK Rohstoffe, a network of German civil society organisations, asks for the immediate release of Miankeol, who´s health condition is worrying.

On 7 June 2015, Djeralar Miankeol had given a radio interview, in which he spoke about the problem of land grabbing by elites, as well as the corruption in the justice and administrative sectors. On 15 June, he was questioned on this interview by the public prosecutor of the Logone Occidental region who then ordered his arrest. He was brought to the “Brigade de Recherche” prison of Moundou. Only the next day did a judge from the court in Moundou issue an arrest warrant for “insulting the judiciary” (outrage à magistrat). He was thereupon transferred to the prison in Moundou where he remained for two weeks without being charged. The audition took place two weeks later, on 30 June: whereas the prosecutor demanded 18 months of imprisonment and a fee of FCFA100,000 (approx. €150), the lawyers asked for his acquittal. On 7 July, Djeralar Miankeol was sentenced to two years imprisonment and a fine. The judgement was more severe than that pleaded for by the prosecutor. The arguments brought forward by the lawyers, who also showed procedural errors, were not taken into account.

"Human rights activist sentenced to two years of prison in Chad". Press Release of AK Rohstoffe (in English, French and German)

Djeralar Miankeol free: "Die unbequeme Stimme der Wahrheit" (in German), Podcast, 31 July 2015