Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Information Portal "War and Peace" \ New module on environmental security

BICC and the German Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) have expanded the online service of the Information Portal "War and Peace”: The new module "environmental security" offers information on topics such as environmental conflicts and climate change as well as water, land grabbing and soil degradation.

Dams worldwide. Map: Information Portal "War and Peace"

What is environmental security? Which countries are particularly affected by climate change? For what regions is there a forecast of an increase in temperature or rising sea levels? Which countries suffer from a shortage of water? What is 'virtual water'? The online portal gives answers to these and other questions through readily understandable info texts and backgrounders, descriptive information graphics and interactive maps.

In addition to publishing this new module on environmental security online, BICC and bpb have updated the data sets of all seven previous modules and added new information graphics and maps.

Press release Informationsportal „Krieg und Frieden“ \ Neues Modul zur Umweltsicherheit (in German)