Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Memorandum on the occasion of the parliamentary elections in Germany in 2013: Prevent violence—Manage conflicts without violence

Members of the advisory body of the Action Plan Civilian Crisis Prevention, Conflict Resolution and Peace Consolidation have written a memorandum on the occasion of the parliamentary elections in Germany in 2013. Against the background of German and European experiences made with civilian conflict management, it gives concrete suggestions for strengthening the key concern of the Action Plan of 2004.

In 2013, the need for civilian crisis prevention and the capability of conflict resolution and peace consolidation is still high on the agenda. Sobering experiences of various nations who engage in managing crises in Syria, Afghanistan, the DR Congo or the Sahel Zone illustrate this. At the same time, the number of recent violent conflicts has risen again.

The past four years have again shown that civilian conflict management is demanding. Whoever takes crisis prevention seriously must dismiss purely reactive actions and instead act with foresight. Effective crisis management can only be implemented across departments and disciplines. Governments cannot shoulder these tasks alone; state, society and economic actors must act jointly and cooperate on an international level.

Memorandum „Gewalt vorbeugen – Konflikte gewaltfrei bearbeiten“ (in German, pdf)

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