Monday, 18 June 2018

New Publication \ A good return policy needs good return advice

So-called voluntary return has priority over deportation in German’s residence law. BICC Policy Brief 7\2018 criticizes the increasingly restrictive German return policy. The authors Valentin Feneberg and Claudia Olivier-Mensah provide an analysis of how, under the given circumstances, it is possible to achieve successive improvements for those who are affected by return measures.

Photo: BICC\M. Rudolf

BICC Policy Brief 7\2018 Gute Rückkehrpolitik braucht gute Rückkehrberatung. Empfehlungen zu ihrer Gestaltung“ (in German language) describes the complex, state-specific services regarding return advice. On the one hand, there is the non-statutory welfare sector that has developed professional, non-state structures for providing advice in some states. While these non-state structures are confronted with the dilemma of supporting the federal return policies as operational actors even though they are often critical of these policies, they are also bound to their ethos of supporting refugees in hopeless residency situations and to make ordered departures more humane. On the other hand, immigration authorities increasingly take over tasks of return advice—despite the political acknowledgement of independent return advice. In the everyday implementation of the policy of supported return, this constellation leads to tensions between public policy objectives of the administration and the social-policy goals of welfare organizations.
Underpinned by 42 semi-structured expert interviews with actors that draw up and implement the policy of supported return and by the evaluation of documents and guidelines of return advice both on the state and federal level, Valentin Feneberg, Humboldt University Berlin, and Dr Claudia Olivier-Mensah, University of Mainz, ISS research institute Frankfurt, formulate the following policy recommendations:

\         Establish a right to return advice;

\         Offer information and advice at the correct point in time;

\         Provide return advice through welfare organizations;

\         Accompany return as a transnational process;

\         Do not understand return as a final destination but allow for circular mobility processes.

Press release "Neue Publikation \ Gute Rückkehrpolitik braucht gute Rückkehrberatung" (pdf, in German)