Tuesday, 24 July 2012

New publication: BICC Bulletin 60

The BICC bulletin is a quarterly newsletter with a topical feature, a staff spotlight, project reports and notes. This bulletin's feature is entitled: "Power shifts in a context of global acceleration-The end of the arms race?" (Extract from "Peace Report 2012. Editors' Statement: Current Developments and Recommendations").

The neoconservative hubris according to which the US could shape the world after its own image by military means has subsided. The Atlantic Alliance has also been weakened, and in Afghanistan is in the process of losing its first war. Economic crisis is shaking the West while ambitious new powers are becoming more and more confident, especially China. Relationships between the New World and the Middle Kingdom are now the most relevant bilateral factor in the world of states: G-2. They are setting the tone. The US and China, principal debtor and principal creditor—the global shift in power cannot be reduced to more concise terms. It is difficult to express what power entails.
In the international system it is mostly measured through the indicators of population, surface area, geographical location, economic performance, technology, and military strength. The influence of the social world is increasing, as well as the significance of the cultural charisma emanating from a certain way of life and intellectual traditions, i.e., soft power. (…) We must reconcile ourselves to the fact that, in the future, rising powers— for which the acronym BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) has established itself—will play a more important role on the world stage. (...) 

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(Publikation in English)