Monday, 29 April 2013

New publication: BICC Bulletin 62

The BICC bulletin is a quarterly newsletter with a topical feature, a staff spotlight, project reports and notes. This bulletin's feature is entitled: “German Arms Exports—‘Strengthening instead of interference’” (by Dr. Marc von Boemcken and Jan Grebe).

When German Minister of Defense Thomas de Maizière coined the formula “strengthening instead of interference” he understood this as the supply of third countries with arms, even if they are situated in regions of tension and crisis. At the same time, Minister de Maizière speaks of a broadening of markets and sales opportunities for weapons systems and –technology. He literally said, “it is rather the German industry and not first and foremost the German government that has to decide whether they consider it [the arms deal] to be appropriate.” Is this a sign for a paradigm change in German arms exports policy? 

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