Thursday, 25 June 2015

New Publication: Geographies of violence

The anthology “Geographies of violence” edited by Benedikt Korf and Conrad Schetter reflects upon wars, conflicts and the organisation of space in the 21st century.

Civil wars, terrorism and organised violence increasingly question the prevailing paradigm of order of national states in many regions of the world. This leads to opposing processes of territorialisation and de-territorialisation, which manifest themselves in “geographies of violence”. The contributions to this volume describe different forms of organised violence and their embeddedness in social, political and special (dis)order processes. Diverging types of conflict and the structural dynamics of violence connected with them are explained by examples from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Brazil, the Congo and Lebanon. The role of global centres of power in virtual contested spaces is also analysed.

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Neue Publikation \ Geographien der Gewalt (press release, in German)