Wednesday, 27 January 2021

New publication \ More counselling work against right-wing extremist radicalisation

The Minister of the Interior of North Rhine-Westphalia, Herbert Reul, considers right-wing extremism “one of the greatest dangers to democracy today”. In the latest BICC Policy Brief, the authors give concrete policy recommendations on what an effective prevention landscape against right-wing extremism in NRW could look like.

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“The more differentiated prevention is with respect to its methodological approaches, timing and duration of intervention, as well as determination of its target groups, the more promising its success,” the authors, state, simultaneously calling for adequate resources for it.

BICC Policy Brief 1\2021 “Präventionslücken in NRW schließen: Beratungsarbeit gegen rechtsextremistische Radikalisierung strukturell und finanziell unterstützen” (in German) recommends to the state government of NRW:

\ Make more financial and staffing resources available for counselling centres in response to growing right-wing radicalisation;

\ Make more funds available for the direct and casework on prevention against right-wing extremism;

\ Counselling casework against right-wing extremism needs local anchoring and must directly address the phenomenon. 


Press release “New publication \ Close gaps in prevention in NRW:  More advisory work against right-wing radicalisation” (pdf in German)