Monday, 27 August 2018

New publication \ Protection, reconciliation and access to rights for refugees in Ecuador

Ecuador is one of the major recipient countries of refugees from Venezuela or Columbia. BICC researcher Clara Schmitz-Pranghe offers recommendations to German development cooperation to support Ecuador in adressing these challenges.


Economic crisis and food shortages, collapsing healthcare services, state repression, violence committed by paramilitary groups (colectivos) as well as escalating crime cause many thousands of Venezuelans to flee to Ecuador on a daily basis. Refugee movements from Columbia to Ecuador continue, too. The main reasons for fleeing from Columbia are clashes between competing armed actors, such as the Columbian Army, the FARC, the ELN, paramilitary groups and criminal actors as well as direct attacks, racketeering and the recruitment of youth by armed groups.

In view of limited prospects of return in the near future, development cooperation can and ought to design mid- and long-term programmes that can contribute to preventing further displacements and to integrating refugees. BICC Policy Brief 9/2018 contains the following recommendations:

\         Support transnational, cross-sector programmes in the northern border region;

\         Counter the division of the Columbian population in exile;

\         Continue legal and psychological support for refugees and strengthen local ownership;

\         Foster start-up programmes to sustainably support livelihoods;

\         Support action that is aligned on a regional level.

Press release “Neue Publikation \ Schutz, Versöhnung und Zugang zu Rechten für Geflüchtete in Ecuador“ (in German)