Tuesday, 16 February 2016

New publication \ "Why Afghanistan is no safe country of origin"

Based on their field research, the authors Katja Mielke and Elke Grawert reason in BICC Policy Brief 1\2016 why Afghanistan is no safe country of return. They give policy recommendations that take into account the complex insecurity situation in which the Afghan population finds itself after the decline of international support since 2014.

The authors of No linkhandler TypoScript configuration found for key tx_bicctools_publications.. in particular recommend:

\ No repatriation of Afghan refugees

The reconstruction and peace process in Afghanistan have failed. Germany who, as a participant in the international interventions is also responsible for this failure, must recognise this in its policy towards Afghan refugees and offer perspectives, rather than making them return.

\ Regulated immigration

With a regulated immigration system, the German federal government, EU- and OSCE governments, BRICS countries as well as Afghanistan’s neighbours can make a significant contribution to the security and future of the Afghan population. The waiting period should be cut short until refugees obtain an immigrant status that offers them access to training and qualifications as well as a job, opening up the opportunity of integration into the recipient societies. This would also strengthen the potential of the Afghans abroad to provide help and self-help to their compatriots. In addition, opportunities for temporary (qualification) migration (for instance through an immigration law) ought to remain open.

\ Long-term, need-oriented reconstruction strategy

A long-term, possibly multi-decade long, investment strategy is necessary to support sustainable economic development driven by the domestic market and the purchasing power of the Afghan population. Development projects must become part of this strategy and complement corresponding public measures of the Afghan government. These measures also have to take into account the private sector’s need for reliable regulations. It is very important to further the build-up and expansion of professional training centres geared to the domestic market to provide young Afghans with a perspective in the country itself.

\ Accompanying measures: Land and peace

The federal government has to use its diplomatic influence more to support efforts towards negotiations for a viable road map to peace with the governments of Pakistan, Iran, the United States, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and India. It should also urge the Afghan government to supply legal access to land and housing to returnees from the neighbouring countries and internally displaced people.  

Press release: Neue Publikation: „Warum Afghanistan kein sicheres Herkunftsland ist“ (in German)