Tuesday, 04 June 2019

Peace Report 2019 \ The German Federal government must be more proactive in terms of peace policy—Against nuclear armament and military escalation

On 4 June, the leading German peace research institutes presented the Peace Report 2019 at the Federal Press Conference in Berlin. They call on the Federal Government to play a more active role in international security policy.

Germany should use its influence in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Union (EU) to propose concrete steps towards nuclear disarmament and also help solve current military crises.  Under the heading "Forward into the Past / Peace Needs Partners", the institutes call for new partnerships to be forged to preserve the threatened multilateral regulatory framework.

The annual Peace Report published by BICC (Bonn International Center for Conversion), the Leibniz Institute Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF), the Institute for Development and Peace (INEF) and the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg (IFSH) analyses current violent conflicts, highlights trends in international foreign, security and development policy and makes recommendations for policymakers.

Press release “Friedensgutachten 2019 \ Die Bundesregierung muss mehr friedenspolitische Initiative ergreifen – gegen nukleare Aufrüstung und militärische Eskalation“ (pdf, in German)