Monday, 01 February 2016

Study on cultural work in refugee camps

In her study “Foreign Cultural and educational policy for refugee camps?“, Leila Mousa investigates the potentials of cultural work in refugee communities in the Lebanon. The study is published by ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) in co-operation with BICC.

Everyday life of refugees is characterised by violence, loss of perspective and lacking (political) co- and self-determination. Can cultural work help to improve their situation?

In her study, the author Leila Mousa shows clearly that cultural work can, in particular, offer refugees space for their critical, creative and political look at their own situation.

“This space offers the chance of meeting the receiving communities, which can lead refuges from their isolation,” Ronald Grätz, Secretary General of ifa, and Conrad Schetter, Director for Research at BICC, state in the preface to the study.

Press release (in German)

Study „Auswärtige Kultur- und Bildungspolitik für Flüchtlingslager?“ (in German)