Friday, 17 June 2022

Ukraine–Russia War \ Views from the US and Germany

On 1 June 2022, BICC organised a transatlantic online discussion with Professor Thomas R. Mockaitis, DePaul University, Chicago, and Professor Andreas Heinemann-Grüder about the war in Ukraine. The event can now be found on BICC’s YouTube channel.

Copyright Thomas R. Mockaitis

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has responded to the Russian invasion of Ukraine with a display of unity unseen since the end of the Cold War. That unity, however, obscures profound differences in how the war is perceived in the United States and Europe. Within European member states, the conflict has provoked intense security policy discussions, but it has caused little debate in the United States. For Americans, the war seems far away and the risk of escalation remote. For Germans, however, the conflict is happening next door, and the consequences of supporting Ukraine seem far more serious. In an online event, Thomas Mockaitis and Andreas Heinemann-Grüder discussed the different perspectives from both sides of the Atlantic.

Please watch the event “Ukraine–Russia War: Views from the US and Germany” on BICC’s Youtube Channel