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Rudolf, M., & Serra Mingot, E. (2020, September). Making it work. AVRR programmes and Ghanaian returnees (BICC Policy Brief series No. 5/2020). Bonn: BICC.

External researchers have criticised existing self-monitoring measures of national and European AVRR programmes for neglecting reintegration and focusing on means to ensure that rejected asylum seekers and undocumented migrants leave the national territory, regardless of what happens next. This... more

Serra Mingot, E. (2020, July). Improving the social protection needs of asylum seekers and refugees. Learning from the experiences of displaced Sudanese in the Netherlands (BICC Policy Brief series No. 3/2020). Bonn: BICC.

This Policy Brief shows not only the contradictory manner in which Western governments have dealt with demands of control, low costs and humanitarian approaches but also the negative consequences this has for the asylum seekers and refugees, their families and the receiving state. Based on the... more