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Nikhil Acharya, Arthur Mühlen-Schulte, The Final Round: Combating Armed Actors, Organized Crime and Wildlife Trafficking, 2016

This policy brief aims to equip SALW policymakers and practitioners with an understanding of how increased wide-scale wildlife trafficking is directly linked to the involvement of organized crime, heavily armed state and non-state actors and the proliferation of small arms, light weapons and... more

Nikhil Acharya, Nikkie Wiegink, Salah Idriss, Civilian Arms Registration and Marking Handbook, 2015

In collaboration with Sudan's National Focal Point on Small Arms Control, BICC has published the Civilian Arms Registration and Marking Handbook, available in both English and Arabic. This Handbook is a guide on arms registration and marking (ARM) for practitioners, government officials, and... more