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Dimitrov, D., Giermakowski, L., Heinemann-Grüder, A., Keson, T., Möller, F., Urbani, G., & Zalkalns, G. (2002, August). The military in transition. Restructuring and downsizing the armed rorces of Eastern Europe (Brief series No. 25). Bonn: BICC.

BICC brief 25 centers around reforms of the military forces in Eastern Europe following the demise of socialism. It particularly highlights experiences gained in their downsizing and restructuring. The authors identify challenges of and work out causes for national reform deadlocks, and draw... more

Dimitrov, D. (2002, June). The restructuring and conversion of the Bulgarian defense industry during the transition period (Paper series No. 22). Bonn: BICC.

This paper will analyze the transformation processes in Bulgaria in order to determine which are the most influential factors leading to the sharp decline in the defense industry, and its costs—and benefits in the form of military conversion—to Bulgarian development. Secondly, it will analyze... more