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Dincer, O. (2022). The legacy of the Arab uprisings on Turkey’s foreign policy: Ankara’s regional power delusion. Cambridge Review of International Affairs, DOI: 10.1080/09557571.2022.2145180.

In the aftermath of the Arab upheavals, Turkey pursued an overambitious regional leadership agenda that appeared incompatible with its underlying capabilities. In retrospect, there was sufficient evidence in the wake of the Arab upheavals that Turkey’s power capacity did not match the assertive... more

Dincer, O. (2022). Citizenship Practices in Syria Before the Arab Uprisings: The Legacy of ‘Concentric’ Citizenship. Politics, Religion & Ideology, 23(2), 158-176.

By focusing on the two Assads’ periods (1971-2011), this study traces the evolution of the nature of the relationship between the state and its citizen(s) in Syria to explain the sources and complex dynamics of the protracted conflict. It aims to promote new approaches to peace and reconstruction... more