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Fitzpatrick, C. (2006, September). The economics of small arms demand: Polarization and rent-seeking in Haiti and Latin America (Paper series No. 51). Bonn: BICC.

This paper provides an economic account of demand for small arms as a response to politicoeconomic motivations arising from polarization and rent-seeking. Polarization has already been employed in the existing literature as a measure of the potential for conflict between groups of opposing... more

Böge, V., Fitzpatrick, C., Jaspers, W., & Paes, W.-C. (2006, February). Who’s minding the store? - The business of private, public and civil actors in zones of conflict (Brief series No. 32). Bonn: BICC.

In the context of the discourse on ‘new wars’, in which economic motives and agendas are of major importance, increasing attention is being focused on the role of the private business sector in contemporary violent conflicts and wars. Private business can contribute both to the outbreak of violent... more