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Gonchar, K., & Roetger, T. (2001, September). Assisting conversion and company restructuring in Moldova. A Tacis-funded project (Brief series No. 19). Bonn: BICC.

BICC brief 19 “Assisting Conversion and Company Restructuring in Modova. A Tacis-funded Project” presents a case study of the TACIS (Technical Assistance for the Commonwealth of Independent States) project, which was carried out by a team of experts and headed by members of the Bonn International... more

Gonchar, K. (2000, October). Russia's defense industry at the turn of the century (Brief series No. 17). Bonn: BICC.

BICC brief 17 “Russia’s Defense Industry at the Turn of the Century” shows that recovery in the defense sector after the crisis of 1998 was mainly the result of import substitution by middle-sized, privatized entities which sold significant parts of their production in barter transactions and which... more

Gonchar, K. (1998, April). Conversion within the context of economic reform: The case of Nizhniy Novgorod Oblast (Paper series No. 14). Bonn: BICC.

This report provides an analysis of the modern economic structure of Nizhniy Novgorod oblast and significant structural changes which took place after systemic reforms were launched with the special focus on defense industry and conversion. Niches for actual and potential growth have been... more

Gonchar, K. (1997, April). Research and development (R&D) conversion in Russia

The purpose of the report is to analyze the changes that have occurred in defense R&D since the onset of monetary and systemic reforms. It therefore summarizes the developments of the last four years, including studies of sectoral differences, regional and employment aspects, and institutional... more

Gonchar, K., Kuznetsov, Y., & Ozhegov, A. (1995, January). Conversion of the post-Soviet defense industry: Implications for Russian economic development (Brief series No. 1). Bonn: BICC.

BICC brief 1 “Conversion of the Post-Soviet Defense Industry: Implications for Russian Economic Development” analyses the problems of Russian defense industry conversion which are also prevalent in civilian industry restructuring. more