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Hauswedell, C., & Brown, K. (2002, April). Burying the hatchet. The decommissioning of paramilitary arms in Northern Ireland (Brief series No. 22). Bonn: BICC.

BICC brief 22 “Burying the Hatchet-The Decommissioning of Paramilitary Arms in Northern Ireland” reflects the research of a joint project of BICC and INCORE. The project aims to monitor the implementation of the Belfast Agreement and to analyse the governing provisions of the peace accord with... more

Klemmer, A., Hauswedell, C., & Wulf, H. (1995, November). Konversion - Herausforderung für Wissenschaft und Forschung
Dokumentation der RWI/BICC-Konferenz
am 16. März 1995 in Bonn

Defense conversion has gone through various stages of political acceptance during the last twenty years, and since expectations for a `peace dividend´ have been raised after the end of the Cold War conversion has reached a new level of practical experience within the last five years.BICC report 7... more