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Klemmer, A., Hauswedell, C., & Wulf, H. (1995, November). Konversion - Herausforderung für Wissenschaft und Forschung
Dokumentation der RWI/BICC-Konferenz
am 16. März 1995 in Bonn

Defense conversion has gone through various stages of political acceptance during the last twenty years, and since expectations for a `peace dividend´ have been raised after the end of the Cold War conversion has reached a new level of practical experience within the last five years.BICC report 7... more

Klemmer, A., & Cunningham, K. (1995, May). Restructuring the US Military Bases in Germany: Scope, Impacts, and Opportunities

In 1996 the US will complete its dramatic post-Cold War military restructuring in Germany. The results will have a serious affect on many communities that hosted US-bases. The US-military demand for goods and services in Germany has fallen by more than US $3 billion and more than 70,000 Germans... more

Klemmer, A. (1995, March). United Nations publications related to the subject of conversion: An annotated bibliography (Paper series No. 2). Bonn: BICC.

In the past, research in the area of military conversion was not a major focus of the departments in the UN Secretariat and the semi-autonomous and autonomous organizations of the United Nations system. Different perceptions of the concept of conversion by Member States blocked any initiative to... more