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Küchle, H. (2008, April). Seehäfen als neuralgische Zonen der kritischen Infrastruktur: Sicherheitstechnologische Lösungen und Arbeitsplätze am Beispiel des Hamburger Hafens (Paper). Bonn: BICC.

The port of Hamburg is the largest port in Germany, the third-largest port in Europe and, as the second largest container terminal in Europe, is one of the nine largest container terminals in the world (Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung, 2001). This study offers a comprehensive insight into the job... more

Küchle, H. (2007, December). Innovationen zum Schutz deutscher Flughäfen vor Anschlägen: Sicherheitstechnologien und Arbeitsplätze am Beispiel des Düsseldorfer Flughafens (Paper). Bonn: BICC.

The modern, complex industrialized states of the West are faced with multi-faceted challenges with regard to their overall national security, especially since 9/11 2001 and the following terrorist attacks in Europe: international terrorism, organized crime, drugs- and human trafficking, political... more

Küchle, H. (2006). The cost of non-Europe in the area of security and defense. Study for the European Parliament.

Despite manifold efforts both on the demand and on the supply side, there is still no integrated European defence market. Even though hardly any European state is still able to afford to finance and sustain a full spectrum of defence-technological and -industrial capabilities, there are strict... more

Küchle, H. (2003, July). Globalisierung in der Rüstungsindustrie - Formen und Auswirkungen auf den deutschen Standort und die Arbeitsplätze (Paper series No. 32). Bonn: BICC.

Often, in the debate about globalization, a cross-border integration of national markets is highlighted and, from this, a new quality of the world market is being deduced. This study investigates whether this also holds true for the markets in defense equipment. Even though cross-border linkages of... more

Brzoska, M., & Küchle, H. (2002, January). Folgen, Auswirkungen und Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten internationaler Abkommen für eine restriktive deutsche Rüstungsexportpolitik (Paper series No. 19). Bonn: BICC.

On behalf of the Research and Documentation Division of the German Bundestag, BICC conducted research on the following topics: • Effects and consequences of international/inter-state agreements and contracts on arms exports, or international arms cooperation and collaboration regarding German... more

Küchle, H. (2000). Rüstungsindustrie im Umbruch: Strategien deutscher Unternehmen und Ansätze einer europäischen Neuordnung. Baden-Baden: Nomos.

After the end of the Cold War, the changed security policy situation caused demand for arms to drop steadily. The accompanying challenges faced by the German arms industry are described by using the aerospace, shipbuilding and tank design industry as an example. Without support by the state, the... more

Cremer, I., Küchle, H., & Sokol, S. (1998, December). Integrierte Arbeitsmarktprojekte auf Konversionsflächen: Auswertung ausgewählter Beispiele verschiedener Bundesländer (Brief series No. 13). Bonn: BICC.

In BICC brief 13 “Integrated job marked projects on conversion sites: Evaluation of select examples from various German federal states” ca. 90 base re-use projects in Germany were identified where job creation programs are in place. Most of the cases are located in the new federal states due to... more